The long, dark and cold winter is behind us. Gone are the cozy fires and throw blankets! But what are they replaced with? Updating your home for spring doesn’t require a whole overhaul, just a few updates here and there that will welcome in the sunshine. We’ve gathered 10 easy ways to update your home for spring!

1.Update Your Throw Pillows

Pastels and bright colors are an easy way to liven up a living space and make it feel like the spring season. It is also a great idea to refrain from heavy fabrics such as velvet or tweed and in place, use linen or cotton with a print for a breezy feel.

2. Change Your Wall Art

Take down the wall art that you’ve stared at all winter long and replace it with something fresh. Just looking a new image on your wall will renew your spirits! This is also a good chance to add in brighter colors.

3. Brighten Up Your Bedding

You won’t be needing the warmth of flannel or heavy duvets in the months to come. Switch up your winter bedding for something lighter and brighter!

4. Add Color

Your pillow cases and duvet don’t have to be the only pops of color in your decor. Throw in some accents in the form of table centers, vases, colorful books or curtains.

5. Move Your Furniture Around

A quick way to update a look that might be stale after being cooped up with it throughout the winter months is rearranging a room… or a few of them!

6. Add Some Plants

New growth is the very essence of spring! Add some plants of the season to your decor such as an Orchid, Zebra plant or Lipstick plant. The green will immediately make a room feel airy and abloom.

 7. Organize

No need to do a full spring clean but opening up your closet to see everything color coordinated and in the right place is a wonderful way to start the season off on the right foot.

8. Get A Green Thumb

Or hire one! Adding spring planters to the front of our house are a wonderful way to welcome spring in right from the moment you are walking up to your door.

9. Switch Up Your Lighting

Of course with the arrival of spring means more sunshine but on those rainy days, a beautiful light fixture can be its own ray of sunshine. Changing the lighting is also another quick and easy room update.

10. Invite The Smell Of Spring In

Switch the wintery smells of cinnamon and fur out for linen and citrus. Anything that is invigorating!

Spring in Whistler is a beautiful time and it is easy to invite that beauty into your home. Are you looking for a home to experience the Whistler seasons? Lynne Venner and Tracy Cruz can help you find your dream home!