It’s the time of the year for crisp weather, curling up by a fire and getting cozy! Fall has made its way to the sea to sky corridor. For every season, it is nice to be able to make small changes that welcome in the unique attributes of the transition from one time of the year to the next. Whether it’s lighting, accents, or seasonal scents, fall is filled with options for decorating! We have found 15 ways to bring fall into your home that will carry you through the autumn season and easily into the next!

  1. Add throw pillows in hues of orange, cranberry red, velvety gold, rich chocolate or deep green. Plaid and leaf prints can also be used. Purchase just the pillow cases so you can easily change in and out for each season.
  2. It’s time to get your log pile all stocked and ready for winter. In addition to getting this task checked off your list, displaying the logs makes a great fall decoration!
  3. Cinnamon, spiced apple and pumpkin scents will make your home warm and cozy straightaway! Scented candles, incense or home-made potpourri are all options for bringing in the scents of the season.
  4. Put up a fall wreath filled with colorful leaves on your front door or around the house. A warm fall welcome right from the moment you enter the door.
  5. Green leaves, golden gourds, orange pumpkins, multi-colored flowers, bushes, vines or interesting branches with bright-red berries can be switched in place of your current table centers.
  6. Wooden accents such as bowls, ornaments, or boxes instantly add warmth to any room.
  7. Change the guest bathroom hand soap and lotion to one that carries an autumn scent.
  8. Add a throw in a fall color previously mentioned to your bedroom, favorite reading chair or living room. Cable knit wool and faux fur can be cozy textures to use.
  9. Temporarily replace some of your wall art with more seasonal pictures and artwork displays.
  10. Put out bowls of small pumpkins, gourds, fresh vegetables, oranges, pinecones and lush red apples in your kitchen to carry the fall colors in from other rooms.
  11. Consider changing up your serving dishware and drinkware for seasonal options. Think amber wine glasses, prints, pottery mugs, fall colored dishware and harvest-colored linens.
  12. Make your entryway autumn ready by displaying your warm sweaters, boots and scarfs. This is also a great way to increase efficiency when you want to get outside and enjoy a crisp fall day!
  13. Lay down a rug that that is a more natural alternative such as sisal rug. Or even better, go bare! Waking up and tip toeing on bare cool hardwood floors is a reminder of the changing seasons.
  14. Fall is a great time to paint since the cool and chilly days make for fast drying times and open windows.
  15. Gather up the family and do some crafts using seasonal materials that can be displayed all around the house.

Make the transition into fall by changing up your home decor with all these easy and fun ways to welcome in the new season. These little changes can be carried through into winter and are guaranteed to make your home feel cozy! Looking for a home to decorate in Whistler? We can help you find your dream property- Contact Lynne or Tracey today!