Pemberton is the perfect place for your new home if you’re looking for a friendly and welcoming community with a huge range of activities and adventures on your doorstep. Located just 30 minutes north of Whistler, but without the crowds and hectic atmosphere, Pemberton is a truly incredible place to call home. Here are some of Tracey’s top reasons to make your move! 

Family Life

Tracey loves raising her family in Pemberton! The safe, friendly community here means that many kids including her three boys can walk or ride their bikes to school. In fact, everything is easily accessible and you can often leave the car at home. Pemberton offers a great selection of local schools, including two elementary schools, a community school, a high school, and a children’s centre.

Family Birthday Party at Masaya Farm

Space for the whole family

In terms of real estate, Pemberton has many family-friendly home options which can be more difficult to find in Whistler. Homes with outdoor space for kids to run around are often easier to find, and more affordable, in Pemberton than in Whistler, and many other places.  



Pemberton is known for having a close-knit, welcoming community, where you will get to know your neighbours and there is always a friendly face to be found. Residents here tend to be engaged and community-minded there are many ways to get involvedTracey’s whole family is heavily involved in the biking community and they volunteer and fundraising for Pemberton BMX

Every year Pemberton hosts a huge variety of events from concerts to festivals, sporting events and cultural activities. Find out what events are happening this month in Pemberton HERE


Pemberton BMX Fundraiser at Tracey's farm

Active Lifestyle

Pemberton offers access to a huge range of activities for the whole family to get involved in, from the Nordic club to bike camps, soccer and gymnastics clubs to hiking, fishing and camping. Tracey’s boys started skiing at 18 months and still love to hit the slopes every winter. Summers are mostly spent biking, and the whole family is involved in a range of biking programs, with the older two boys competing at World level for their age groups in BMX and Downhill racing.



Pemberton is in a truly beautiful location, nestled at the foot of majestic Mount Currie. Living almost anywhere in the Pemberton area, you will wake up surrounded by stunning mountain views. If you like warm weather, Pemberton is a great alternative to Whistler, as it is typically 3-10 Celsius warmer and summers tend to be longer plus hot and dry.  


Local and Home Produce 

Pemberton is well known for known for its potatoes, gaining it the nickname of Spud Valley, and it was the first area in the in the world to commercially grow virus-free seed potatoes. But the rich, fertile soils of Pemberton Valley grow more than just spuds, and many farms in the area offer a range of unique ways to enjoy their delicious produce, from You-Pick farms and a weekly Farmer’s Market, to the popular annual community Slow Food Cycle

And it’s not just large farms who are able to take advantage of the fertile soil and ideal growing conditions. Tracey is thrilled with her 10 acre parcel offering land to grow her own produce, and the family are kept busy with their 40-something animals. Many locals have created amazing gardens in their private yards and many complexes are now offering community gardens PLUS there is a large local community garden lush with an abundance of produce! 

Ready to make a move? 

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