Great spring day for ice cream in the village

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane


When it comes to sweet treats, Whistler has got it made. Whether it’s a cold ice cream cone on a hot summer day, or a cup of creamy cocoa after a day on the slopes, there are more than a few options to choose from to satisfy your sweet tooth.

We’ve assembled a list of tested and true kid-approved treats available right in the heart of Whistler Village – and while these confectioneries are a hit with the under 12 crowd, we have a feeling that adults will be just as sweet on them.

A Heaping Cup of Lucia Gelato


Let’s be real – you can’t go wrong with any kind of iced treat on a scorching day in July or August, but Lucia Gelato is the crème de la crème. Locally made right here in Whistler, the ever evolving menu of flavours features delectable options like Chocolate Hazelnut Kiss and Banana Caramel fudge – yum. Grab a cone or a cup at the Whistler Farmer’s Market or inside Cool as a Moose (on the Village Stroll), or grab a pint at a local grocery store.

A Roger’s Chocolates Peanut Butter Cup


If you’re a fan of the traditional Reese’s peanut butter cups, get ready to have your world turned upside down. Roger’s Chocolates, founded on Vancouver Island, is home to the famous Victorian Creams, but the foil-wrapped peanut butter cups just might be the most delicious thing in the store. The combination of real, creamy peanut butter and perfectly tempered chocolate just can’t be beat.

Literally Anything at Purebread


Whistler’s own Purebread bakery is the place to go to indulge in a decadent baked treat that will tickle your taste buds. The gorgeous display will have you salivating, but hardest part is narrowing down which treat to choose. Will it be the Nutella brioche or the outrageous brownie today? Decisions, decisions…

Moguls’ Cookies


If you want to wow a child, take them to Moguls Coffee House in the Village Square and treat them to a cookie that is larger than their head! These infamous cookies come in only a few flavours, which have been perfected over the years. Save half for later, share it with a friend, or just go nuts and eat the whole thing at once (warning: sugar rush will follow).

Rocky Mountain Chocolate’s Candy Apples


They’re as beautiful as they are delicious. The tantalizing display of chocolate, caramel, and candy apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate will draw you into the shop, where you’ll simply have to try an apple – or two. Tip: you can ask them to cut the apple for you on the spot, which makes sharing a cinch.

Hot Chocolate at Blenz


We in Whistler take our hot drinks seriously, and Blenz’s hot chocolate consistently wins the best hot chocolate in town award (yep, such an award really does exist). Whether you opt for the white, milk, or dark hot chocolate, you’ll love the creamy texture of this decadent drink. The secret? Blenz makes their hot chocolate with real chocolate, not with a powder. It makes all the difference – trust us.

A Bag of Anything at The Great Glass Elevator


A kid in the Great Glass Elevator is – well, like a kid in a candy shop! Head to the Marketplace for a delicious array of just about every type of candy under the sun, including treats from overseas and a colourful selection of popcorn varieties. We suggest mixing and matching in a treat bag, as you’ll have trouble choosing just one thing.