As many of us are creatures of habit, making a new town or city feel like home for the holidays can seem like a daunting and undesirable task. It is in fact, the opposite. Moving to a new home offers the opportunity for a clean slate which includes a chance to make new family traditions surrounding the holidays that can last a lifetime. Whistler has no shortage of activities, events, and festive happenings to help your family into the Christmas spirit year after year, all while creating lasting memories. Here are a few ideas for making enduring Whistler Christmas Traditions!

Whistler Holiday Experience

Gather up all the kids and visit the Whistler Conference Center for a solid afternoon of indoor entertainment. Here, you will find a mini-golf course, bouncy castles, and games! Best of all, this activity is free!

Tradition Making Tip: Know when to let the tradition go. As our families change and grow, it’s ok to enjoy the memories you’ve created and move on to new ways of celebrating when the old ways no longer fit.

Visit The Fairmont

Sparkling lights, live entertainment nightly and Christmas decor take over the Fairmont and the wonder associated with it is sure to make your family feel Festive. My family likes to attend the Whistler Community Holiday Gala held at the Fairmont Whistler each year. We have been attending for 5 years now!


Me and my daughters, one daughter in law and one granddaughter, all taking part in a holiday tradition!

Tradition Making Tip: Make your holiday tradition simple and don’t get attached to the fine details. Setting a location and activity that can be upheld each year will make creating a lasting tradition easy!

Christmas Eve Carol Service at The Westin

Taking place at the Westin Hotel on December 24th from 6:30-7:30pm, enjoy traditional carols, choral music sung by the choirs and readings by community members telling the story of the birth of Christ. This is a wonderful event that embodies community and holiday spirit!

Tradition Making Tip: Take into account ages and stages. Some things will just work better with your children at various points in their life while other activities will not. However, don’t be afraid to try!

Visit WAG

Bundle up and take your family to WAG to walk some of the dogs and cuddle the cats that are up for adoption. This is a chance to give back to those that do not have a voice and teach the real meaning of the holidays, giving!

Tradition Making Tip: Take a risk and try things that are new. If it doesn’t work, don’t do it next year!

A Christmas Hike

We are surrounded by spectacular mountains here in Whistler and a great way to bring the family together is to go for a special holiday hike! The Train Wreck Trail or even the Lost Lakes Trails provide the perfect length and intensity of a walk for all ages and family members to enjoy!

Tradition Making Tip: Add your own special touch to the tradition such as making apple cider to bring on a walk or stopping at a favorite cafe for hot cocoa after an activity.

Whistler is a wonderful place to begin to build lasting memories with the family. With these tips to make your holidays more magical here in this mountain town, all you may need is a home to call your own. Let us help you make Whistler your home for the holidays and thereafter!