Whistler is filled with so many activities that fuel a fun and outdoorsy lifestyle. In fact, the lifestyle is often what draws people to Whistler. The ability to be active and to be outside is far easier in the mountains, especially when each season brings exciting new things to do with friends. Recently, I was fortunate enough to be able to take a day off and to spend it with girlfriends engaging in just a few of the activities summer in Whistler is known for!

We started the day by paddle boarding Alta Lake. This activity is relaxing and a great way to catch up on conversation while in nature. There are a number of locations around the lake that offer rentals and a quick lesson on how to paddle board for the beginner.


A morning paddle board with my girlfriends!

After lunch we went for a bike ride. Biking is one of the most popular summer activities here in Whistler. The Whistler Off Roading Association (WORCA) has been busy and there are many trails around town and for all skills levels.

We set out on this particular day to ride the Whistler portion of the Sea to Sky Trail. The Sea to Sky Trail begins at the Squamish waterfront and continues north for 180km through the Sea to Sky all the way to D’Arcy. It opened in 2015 and the trail links the Pacific Ocean in the south to the Coast Mountains to the north. The Whistler section is about 33km ranging from Brandywine falls all way past Green Lake. We decided to do the Cheakamus portion of the trail on our ride.

We started with a detour to the Whistler Train Wreck. Decades ago, a train derailed and instead of removing the cars, they were left. Over time, the community has turned them into works of art and even some mountain bike features (For the brave of course!).


Just one of the train cars and the artwork that covers them.

Once back on the Sea To Sky Trail, it carries you over the Calcheak suspension bridge. This bridge crosses the Cheakamus river.  It’s home to some spectacular views of the river and if your lucky, you may see a kayaker or two go by through the white water rapids!


The suspension bridge in Cheakamus!

The final destination of our bike ride was the spectacular Brandywine Falls. This waterfall is must see in Whistler and never seems to disappoint no matter how many times you view it. It’s a must stop spot for a quick photo and a break!


Stopping to take in the spectacular view of Brandywine Falls!

My day out taking in Whistler with the girl’s and living the Whistler lifestyle, shows just some of the fun as well as the activities you can do here. What if your everyday was filled with family, friends and being outside? It is a possibility living in this town. Let’s talk about finding your dream home today so you can get busy living the life you want!