Photo c/o Tourism Whistler / Mike Crane

Much of the focus in Whistler appears to be on the outdoors, but there is a healthy culture and community booming beneath the mountains and art is an important part of it. In addition to the mountains, food, shopping and al fresco activities, Whistler has a vibrant art community filled with talented local artists. Every year from September 1 – November 30, ArtWalk Whistler runs. During this time, the village becomes a pop-up gallery, showcasing huge collections of original work put together by over 60 artists belonging to the Sea to Sky Corridor.

What exactly is ArtWalk? Galleries, restaurants, cafes and businesses all take on the work of the Sea to Sky creatives and by following a map as well as designated red flags, you are able to walk through the village gallery, taking in all the artwork. All mediums can be found on this tour, from photography, to pastels to multi-media. Additionally, if you see a piece that you love, the work of the artists on display is available for purchase, encouraging you to take a piece of Whistler into your home.


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The Whistler Arts Council is responsible for the creation of ArtWalk Whistler. It matches the businesses with particular artists that work well with the space provided. The Arts Council has been around since 1982 and acts as an ambassador for regional artists. It also helps the local area have access to art programs and continues to ensure there is growth in the Whistler arts sector. Thus, encouraging community, economic benefit and culture through out the Sea to Sky.

Local artist Kate Zessel, whose work is being showcased in this years event noted, “ArtWalk is such a great opportunity for local artists and local business. The pairing provides a space to showcase their pieces and allows the community to get involved and experience the vast local talents. It also gives tourist a chance to see how supportive Whistler is as a whole and enjoy everything we have to offer.”

The success of ArtWalk has led to this being the first year that the event runs for three months in the fall as opposed to two months in the summer. It creates an atmosphere for coming to Whistler, strolling through the village during the stunning autumn season and taking in the progressive art experience that can be found here, for tourists and locals alike!

For the third year in a row, the Whistler RealEstate office is a proud supporter of ArtWalk Whistler. The office is currently housing the art from Stacey Bodnaruk. Her work is a unique blend of images combined with graphic design, creating a unique medium she likes to call Artography. Come stop by the office to see for yourself the incredible pieces that Stacey creates and to say hello. You never know, you may be well on your way to finding unique art to hang in your newly purchased Whistler home!