It is a well known fact that spring to summer is the most common time to enter the real estate market from both a buying and selling stand point. The weather is milder suggesting that it is easier to show your home and perform those much needed home repairs. That being said, fall is in a close second for the real estate industry. Autumn brings its own set of benefits for the family looking to enter into the market. And just why is fall such a good time to list your home or look to purchasing one? We’ve gathered all the reasons why buying or selling your home in fall is the best!

The “Off” Season

Whistler seems to know no off season as the properties in this mountain town are highly sought after. However, since it is known as a seasonal town, spring is a very popular time for the real estate industry, being that it permits new homeowners to enjoy the fruits of a full summer or winter in the mountains. To a degree, the seasonal mentally can infiltrate the market, making the competition drop off, thus, creating a unique position for those looking to negotiate in Fall.

The Weather

The snowy weather does make it more challenging to showcase your home and move. This would suggest that summer is the best time to make that change in your life, however, there is also a lot of sunny, crisp fall days and the colourful leaves that make a wonderful addition to the picturesque landscape you are looking to entice those buyers with!

The Holidays

Unpacking or packing up a house while trying to arrange Christmas or attempting to take your family trick or treating in a new community does not make buying or selling during the holidays sound appealing. Use fall as an opportunity for all those looking to capitalize before the holiday’s commence.

Home Improvements

As we mentioned, fixing up your home seems like a task you may begin in the spring or summer, while the weather permits long days outside. Many of the hardware and home improvement companies feel the same way which leads to fall being a prime time for sales on everything from dishwashers, to paint to landscaping.

Less Delays

Since fall lies just outside of the peak real estate and moving season, you may find that you experience less delays with moving companies and service providers. This is also true for title companies and mortgage providers who are now moving out of the high summer induced work loads.

Even though these tips might suggest there is an optimum time to buy or sell a home, that is not the case. There is no right or wrong time to list or purchase. With the current state of the market, the time is now! Do you have questions about buying or selling a home or property in Whistler? We can help answer them, contact us today.