In Whistler, many of the local children play a lot of sports and by a lot we mean A LOT! Thankfully, winter usually keeps the kids confined to a select few but with the arrival of spring, comes the addition of even more activities and so the need for gear storage exponentially increases. Parents are lucky to be able to fit a car in the garage what with all the sports equipment being stored. The solution to your storage woes lies right here, we have found some clever ways to store sports gear so you can get your garage, front hall or laundry room back to it’s intended use!

Ski Gear Storage

There is still some of the best skiing to be had in the upcoming months so ski gear is going to remain in use and out of storage for a while longer. We love the option of using coat hooks to rest skis and snowboards in between and also to hang poles from.

Bike Gear Storage

Getting a bike off the ground and out of the way is always the primary goal of bike storage. For this, we would suggest two wood pegs or bike hooks installed on a wall. If you are concerned about ease of access for your children when putting a bike on the wall, use a pallet on the ground as a rack. As for soft goods, hanging shoe racks or clothes organizers can help solve both an organizational and storage problem all in one!

Hockey Gear Storage

One of the biggest problems with hockey equipment is it not drying or airing out properly. Get a mesh or aerated laundry bag to place the equipment in-between uses. The other issue is hockey sticks laying around and being an easy target to trip over. Put a pallet up against the wall to store the sticks or another option is to designate a garbage can for them to reside in.

Ball Storage

Bungee cords hooked on to a wood frame provide an easy to access storage unit that keeps basketballs, footballs and soccer balls off the ground and out of the way.

Golf Gear Storage

As with most of the sports gear, golf equipment is stored best when it is not laying on the ground or propped up against something. A quick fix is to buy some durable hooks that can be placed at a reasonable height and will support a golf bag being hung on it. Another more time consuming but long lasting option is to build portable cubby system that has a space for a bag, shoes, and the odds and ends that come along with the sport.

Spring time might be busy for you and your family but being organized will help keep you on track. These simple sports gear storage solutions will easily eliminate clutter in the home. Are you planning on making a move to a house with more storage? We can help you find the perfect fit.