Nothing says spring like getting in the garden! Getting the kids involved in gardening can be a bit tricky, luckily most Whistler kids love to be outdoors, so that is a step in the right direction! You may not want them fertilizing or cut the grass just yet, but here a few kid friendly activities to get them involved in the gardening process!

Rock Garden: While you’re planting away, have your kids painting way. Whether you are raking, shoveling or building a planter let the kids know what you plan on planting and have them make rock markers. Rocks are free, and if you have kids, you probably have paint on tap, so this fun activity is nearly free! This also ensures they will be proud to come and check on the garden to see the progress of the plants in the neat and tidy rows – that you sneakily planted while they were painting. The rocks can have the word of what was planted, a picture, or whatever else they dream up to mark the rows! *Variation: you can also have them paint rocks to play tic-tac-toe with!

Bug Hunt: Most appealing to young boys, the bug hunt! Write up a list of bugs commonly found in your backyard and have them search for the little critters. Most young boys like to dig around in the dirt, so explain how earthworms help the plants grow and that you need them for the new garden. Chances are, you’ll end up with a bucket full of them! If they are able to find snails, have a snail race! Make a course from sidewalk chalk on pavement, or make an obstacle course in a glass container and see which snail makes it to the end first! If you own a lizard or know of a neighbor with a grasshopper-eating reptile have them collect hoppers as well!

Stepping Stones: All you’ll need is, cement mix, a cardboard box, and gems. Cut the cardboard box so that it has a two-inch tall wall, like a baking pan. Fill with cement mix and let the kids place rocks, gems or figurines in the cement. Let the cement set up for about two days in a dry place. When the cement is dry, let the kids help you place the stepping-stones.

Butterfly Feeder: Have an old plate? Let the kids paint it with flowers to lure in butterflies! Using a hot glue gun attach a round sponge (if you only have square shaped sponges, just cut into a circle) to the center of the plate. Have the kids collect flowers to place around the sponge. Once the kids are ascetically pleased with their creation, mix a ten to one ratio of water to sugar and put on the sponge. You can hang the plate in a tree, or place on a table. Everyone will enjoy having the butterflies visit all summer long.

After a long day of gardening, cool off with a water fight! At this point in the day everyone is probably pretty dirty anyway, so you might as well have fun rising off! Gardening may be considered “yard work,” but gardening with the kids can be fun! Do your best to include them as you gear up your yard for summer!