Greetings from Whistler,

Well here comes summer!  We are loving this beautiful weather and hope it lasts for several more weeks.

We have switched again to our market update every 2 weeks during the summer months. Please let us know if you would prefer once a week and if enough people would prefer that, we will certainly make it happen.  The Whistler Market has been really active in the last 2 weeks with 34 sales  and 51 new listings.  We are all very busy showing property and writing offers as well as taking new listings.  You can see from our report that 51 new listings is good increase in inventory for us and currently there is a 2 week wait list for the realtors to put their new listings on realtors tour, we haven’t seen that in over a year.  You will also notice that there are 13 price reductions.  This means these properties have sat on the market too long and need to reduce their price to get it sold.  Buyers are very savvy  , they are not going to pay too much when it comes to buying.  80% of the buyers shop online, they keep track of prices and sales, by the time they actually go out to look at property they know what they want  from the websites.

We would love to hear from you if you are in Whistler, or drop us a line.  If you are thinking of selling, now would be a great time to get your place listed and on the market for the summer holiday buyers.  Also, let us know if you are happy with bi weekly market updates, or not.


51 New Whistler Listings in the last 14 Days:

34 Sales in Whistler in the last 14 Days:

13 Price Reductions in Whistler in the last 14 Days:

11 New Pemberton Listings in the last 14 Days:

7 Sales in Pemberton in the last 14 Days:

1 Price Reduction in Pemberton in the last 14 Days:

Have a great 2 weeks!
Sincerely, Lynne and Tracey