Greetings from Whistler,

The Pemberton Music Festival was a huge success!  The Village of Pemberton saw an influx of 30,000 people for the Festival,  they say that businesses are starting to profit and the traffic was moving without clogging up the highways.  Whistler witnessed the 30,000 drive thru to Pemberton and by Monday morning there was cars bumper to bumper heading south for the whole day until the evening.  They did clog up our highways!

Next on the schedule is the Ironman this Sunday, July 26th.  The resort is bubbling with excitement as we see all the athletes arriving and the Olympic Village filling up with Vendors and Media Tents.  Best wishes to all of the athletes and families, we hope you have a fabulous time in Whistler.  Grab your Subaru Ironman Canada Spectator Guide from the Village Host centers, it is loaded with tips from where to watch and for road closures.

The real estate market is about the same as last week.  With 6 straight quarters of very strong activity, as a result market momentum (which starts in the lower price segments) has moved into our higher price ranges.  This has two impacts, one is to raise the average transaction value (up 8.5% since the start of the 2015) and also will start to impact the velocity of transactions. Our message to our buyers is that prices are going up, don’t wait for the perfect property,  if you like something today, you should go ahead and put an offer in on it.  Our sale prices today are marking the benchmark for the new listing prices.

Here is what has happened this past week in the real estate market.

21 New Listings
7 price changes
17 Sales

4 New Listings
3 price changes
3 Sales

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Have a great week!
Lynne and Tracey