Moving from one community to another can seem overwhelming especially if you’re leaving close friends, family and the familiarity of your surrounding area. After the initial unpacking and re-establishing familial routines, you may notice some things are missing such as Friday night plans and weekend get togethers. The sea to sky is a vibrant, bubbling area with lots of exciting people and activities. Here are a few tips for acquainting yourself with the corridor so you can get out there with your family and start living your dream life!

1. Ski

Either by yourself or with your kids in tow, spending time on the hill is sure to open up the opportunity to meet local families. If your kids are enrolled in ski school, grab a coffee and hang out. The drop off and pick up times can be a social event in its self!

2. Pick up a Pique

The pique magazine is a local newspaper and has a whole section dedicated to events and clubs occurring in the sea to sky corridor! Now is never a better time to take interest in that hobby you’ve always wanted to.

3. Visit the local recreation center

Local classes as well as taking the kids to the pool can be fun for everyone and will provide a chance to interact with other people with similar interests. It also allows the kids to meet other children in a fun, stress free environment. There are often classes offered for free every week as a chance to try something new and meet others!

4.  Get a map and get walking

Grab a map and explore your new neighborhood or town. Just walking around will help you familiarize yourself with the obvious busy spots and places of interest. Also, you never know who you will meet along the way!

5. Just knock.

Don’t be afraid, just head over to your neighbor’s house, knock and introduce yourself. The sea to sky corridor is known for it’s welcoming personality and we are here for the same reason, to live a dream life!