So you are about to move house. Not only do you have your kids as well as the actual act of moving to worry about, but you also have to be mindful of your family’s beloved pet. Pets can find moving very traumatic and stressful- the chaos of changing houses and the unfamiliarity of a new space can all take its toll on Fido. We have gathered 10 ways to make moving with pets simple, keep your pet as stress free as possible and facilitate a smooth transition for them into their new home!

  1. Make a kit that is easily accessible. The kit should include food, toys and a familiar blanket or bed. These few things will help make sure your pet is sustained for the first few days in the new home while you are busy setting up.
  2. On moving day, keep pet in the quietest area possible to reduce stress. Options can include taking your pet to a kennel or leaving them at a friend’s house; however, if these are not viable options, just keep your pet away from the chaos. Put a pet in an empty room or the garage as long as it is well ventilated.
  3. If you are changing regions, inform your vet and acquire all of your pet’s records so they can be transferred to a new vet office closer to home.
  4. Transport your pet with you and in your own vehicle. Use a kennel or a crate if your pet is not familiar with driving. Arriving in a new space with a stranger may prolong feeling uncomfortable.
  5. Update your pets micro chip with your new contact information.
  6. Set up as much of the house as possible so your pet can arrive and use its senses to grasp that it is in a familiar setting.
  7. Don’t let your pet off leash in the new area until it has become acquainted with it. New sights, sounds and smells may cause your pet to engage in unpredictable behaviour
  8. Make a visit to the vet prior to moving and ask them for suggestions on how to make the move as comfortable as possible for your pet. Since your regular vet knows your pet’s health history and personality, they will be able to prescribe sedatives if necessary for longer travel and advise you if any current health conditions will worsen with travelling.
  9. If your pet is on any medications, get a script written for them and keep it on file in case any thing gets misplaced during the move.
  10. Spoil your pet during this stressful time! Maybe let them sleep on the couch or the new bed just this once, take them for lots of walks, purchase a new toy and some enticing new treats. Be prepared for your pet to refuse food or water during this time and keep a close eye on this prolonging as it may require a visit to the vet.

Moving doesn’t have to be as stressful or as daunting as it is made out to be, especially with pets. Use these helpful tips to make sure your pet’s transition from one home to another is easy on both you and them. Looking for a new home for you, your family and fido? We can help!