Whistler Blackcomb’s 2016/2017 winter season has recently started. Opening day was riddled with go-getters waiting in line as early as the night before and from what we have heard, it was worth it. With a huge amount of new snow, many people were saying it was one of the best opening days in recent memory. Some might have even gone as far as calling it a powder day.

Powder days are those sought after snow days when the mountains receive a large amount of fresh, new snowfall, covering the previous layer in white powder. For the mountain sports enthusiast, powder days are winter heaven. The young and old synonymously know this term and with that, a set of rules has been installed into a community of people who live for these snow-filled days. Just what are Powder days in Whistler all about?

No Friends

No friends on powder days! This term may be familiar and although it sounds harsh, it is meant to be taken lightly. What this really means is that if you aren’t on the same page as your group, then perhaps, you should rethink who you are skiing with. The fresh snow leaves no time for dilly-dallying and even though there is literally two whole mountains full of snow to play on, it is still a rush to get fresh tracks.

Skipping School is OK

Tracey’s son, Tegan, 11 years old, skipped school to ski with his dad in the powder! Now, in many other places, this wouldn’t be a sufficient enough reason to miss school but in Whistler, spending a much-anticipated snow day with family is just a wonderful part of the lifestyle. Countless Whistler children and parents will take advantage of an abundant snowfall as they are familiar with its sometimes erratic presentation.

30cm Rule

Many of the local businesses have instated a 30cms rule, meaning that if 30 new centimeters of snow falls, you can duck out of work and onto the slopes to enjoy it!

Wake Up Early

Imagine being the first person to lay down ski tracks in a perfect, white canvas of snow. This is exactly why powder days require you to get up at the crack of dawn and attempt to be one of the first people down the hill. What’s more, there is a certain atmosphere that can be found in that early morning lift line up; something special and invigorating, making it as much of a part of the experience as the skiing.

Powder days in Whistler are the most sought after days on the mountain. They are the type of days that people travel from all over the world to experience. The light, fluffy snow that is the source of the name powder provides endless fun and it even plays an integral role in the Whistler lifestyle. Want to make experiencing a Whistler powder day a part of your lifestyle rather than a holiday occurrence? Contact us today to begin your journey to make Whistler, home.