Your home is in the best neighbourhood, close to great schools and in the mountains. With all the location boxes ticked, all you have to do is showcase the desirable attributes. A great way to do this and encourage potential buyers to choose your house is to stage it.  Here are ten tips for staging your home for a quick sell!

Eliminate Clutter

Minimizing clutter has many benefits! Not only does it help create a clean look, it also makes rooms appear much bigger. Showcasing only the essentials can also help potential buyers imagine their own belongings and personal touch on the home.


Dark corners and hallways won’t allow a future home owner to know exactly what they are buying. Improperly lit rooms can also create the appearance of a smaller space and can make rooms less appealing. Brighten up a space with well placed ambient lighting and watch the room come alive!


Paintings and small tasteful groupings of accessories can lead the eye around a room. Try placing items in groups of three and in various sizings to naturally pull the viewer’s gaze. Be careful that accessorizing doesn’t become too much and fall into the category of clutter!

Fresh Flowers

Fresh blooms can brighten any space, add a touch of colour if necessary and create a serene environment. Try creatively placing your flowers in corners, on tables and in rooms you might not expect!


Hire a cleaner and have your place deep cleaned. A potential buyer wants to see themselves in the house, not the existing owners.


Watch out for pet odors and other smells that can act as a purchasing deterrent. Incense, candles or freshly baked cookies generate feelings of warmth and invitation!

Perfect that porch

The front door is your buyers first glimpse into the possibilities of owning the home. Make it welcome them in with a groomed lawn, clean front entrance and potted plants.

Fix it up

Carpet, cabinets, and anything else that may be broken in the home are a future buyers key to reducing the asking price. It will work out in your favour if you fix all of these potential discounts and prevent the purchaser from making a lower offer.


Another red flag for potential buyers as fixing flooring can be costly. Have floors repaired or redone prior to your home’s viewings. This will eliminate the potential buyer using this a reason for a lower offer than asking.

Empty Rooms

Fill empty rooms strategically and in a manner that showcases their potential. Statistically speaking, houses with filled rooms have higher selling rates.

Staging your home properly can help make future buyers feel welcome and show the true potential of your home, or in the buyers eyes, their home. With these great tips, an incredible Sea to Sky location as well as our expert services, your home won’t be on the market long. Interested in selling? Contact us today and we can provide a thorough review of your property and get you one step closer to your dream life!