Summer for kids is about getting scraped knees, running through the neighbourhoods and playing hard. For parents, it’s a different story. The more activities, less time spent in school and longer days provides more than enough reasons to worry. Protecting your kids after they have left the house doesn’t have to be a tireless task. There are a number of things a parent can do to prepare for the warmer months. If you’re already having anxiety about the sunny season, here are a few summer safety tips for your kids to have the best (and least worrisome) school holiday yet!


We’ve all heard the facts about sun exposure and as a parent, we want to help eliminate our child’s risk by reducing just that. Employ these sun safety practices to keep your child protected and sun-burn free.

  • Apply sunscreen liberally 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure, so it can absorb into the skin and decrease the likelihood that it will be washed off. Repeat every two hours.
  • Cover up with hats, long sleeve shirts and full-piece swimsuits.
  • Schedule outdoor time for early in the morning or midday when the sun is at its harshest.


Luckily, Whistler is not home to many bugs that are cause for concern. That being said, there are bugs that can be annoying and cause your child discomfort such as Mosquitos, Black Flies, Horse Flies, among others. Use these tips to minimize their impact and reduce the risks associated with being exposed to their bites.

  • Use natural means of warding off bugs such as lavender essential oil and lemon grass essential oil.
  • Watch for allergic reactions. Some children react more adversely than others.
  • Do a Tick check after spending time outside, particularly in wooded areas.
  • Avoid spending time outside at dusk, this is when Mosquitos are most active.


Whistler has a number of lakes that are a great place to spend a summer day. Spending full days by the water come with it’s own set of risks but none that aren’t preventable.

  • Stay alert. Don’t let yourself become distracted when your kids are in the lake.
  • Make sure your children know not to enter the water unless an adult is supervising.
  • Take a CPR course. This is a great skill set to have even if you aren’t spending a number of your summer days by the lake.
  • Make sure your child wears a floatation device.
  • Shower after swimming in the lakes. This can help prevent infection from any microbes.


Unfortunately, kids that play hard will get bumps and bruises. It’s just part of growing up in the mountains and part of growing up in Whistler.

  • Have a first aid kit readily available.
  • Play safe. Read signs at the playground.
  • Wear proper footwear such as durable running shoes.

Don’t let these worries come between your kids and their best summer yet. After all, living in Whistler means having access to a world-class mountain playground- and all in your back yard! Does this sound like your family’s dream life? Let us help you find your dream home!