Whistler Village Properties

It’s a good time to be the seller of a Whistler property.

Inventory levels – meaning the number of properties listed for sale – are very low across all property types here in Whistler. For buyers, this means that there are fewer properties to choose from. But for sellers, it means that more buyers will be checking out your property. Better yet, offers on your property could be especially attractive in order to beat out the competition.

But being in a seller’s market doesn’t mean that sellers can sit back, relax, and watch the offers flow in. There are still many factors to consider in a real estate transaction, and these tips will help you come out ahead in today’s market.

Get Organized

Once your property gets listed for sale, don’t be surprised if things move very fast.

For that reason, you want to make sure that you’re as organized as possible before the process officially gets underway. Give us a call and we’ll let you know what documents you need to gather and what should be done to your property before it is listed on the market. A little effort today will save you lots of stress and running around later on.

Highlight the Features

Your Whistler property might have been perfect for you, but it might not hit all the marks in a prospective property buyer’s checklist.

With fewer properties to choose from, buyers are having trouble finding properties that meet the criteria that they’re looking for. As a seller, you can make it easier for the buyer by highlighting your property’s perks.

Got tons of storage? Clear out the crawlspace and open up the closets so that buyers can take a peek inside. Spoiled with a killer patio? Let’s set up some outdoor furniture so that buyers can picture themselves enjoying the late afternoon sun outdoors!

We’ll work with you to identify your property’s major selling points, doing what is necessary to ensure that they don’t go ignored by prospective buyers.

Be Available

Buyers often live outside of the Whistler area. This means that potential property viewings are limited to when they are visiting Whistler, which is often only for a short amount of time.

It’s important for sellers to ensure that their properties are available for showings as often as possible. We always try to give our sellers as much notice as possible, but in today’s market, last minute showing requests sometimes do pop up.

Our advice: keep your property as clean and showing-ready as possible at all times. If you have guests using the property, either let them know about the possibility of showings (and how to prepare for them), or let us know so that we can decline showing requests. Although showings can be inconvenient, remember – it’s not forever, and showings lead to sales!

Price Competitively

The Whistler real estate market is hot, but buyers are still concerned about value. Buyers have access to ample amounts of information, including how many days your property has been on the market, what neighbouring properties have sold for, and what the trends are in the market.

Many properties are selling close to (and sometimes right at) the asking price, but it’s still the exception to see a Whistler property sell for more than its listing price. We’ll work with you to determine a realistic listing price that meets your property sale goals.


Ready to sell? Perfect – get in touch with us and we’ll help you get the process underway!