Greetings from Whistler,

The bike park has officially opened as of last weekend, All 3 of our fabulous golf courses are open for business, and of course the skiing is almost the best it has been all year and they have extended the season until June 7th.   We really are a 4 season resort all at the same time.  In the morning while driving to work, I can encounter people riding their bikes all geared up for the mountain and next to them are people riding their bikes carrying the skis on their back.  It is pretty entertaining.

The sales in both Whistler and Pemberton are continuing to be very active.  Several of the new listings below had multiple offers on them within days of the listing paperwork being signed.  Some of the properties that sold  this week have been on the market for a long time, but, have finally sold because inventory is so low.  There are still 8 price reductions which means that you still have to be priced right to get the sale.  We are working very hard in our office to make sure we are providing top shelf service to you so you can make educated decisions on buying or selling with us.  Call us today for your up to the minute market conditions, we look forward to talking to you about what is happening in Whistler.

17 New Whistler Listings:

13 Whistler Sales:

8 Price Reductions:

7 New Pemberton Listings:

3 Pemberton Sales:

No Price Reductions

Have a great week!