Greetings from Whistler,

Now wasn’t that a party!  The Pemberton Music Festival was a huge success attracting over 180,000 fans over the course of 4 days.  Reports from most people say it was well run and the bus pick up and drop off from Whistler and Pemberton Village was extremely efficient to facilitate getting there and back without too much traffic on the highway.

This weekend is the 4th annual Subaru Ironman Canada in Whistler, the highway will be closed in the morning from approximately 7 am until 5:30 in several different areas. Check out the link to more information.

The market remains much the same , still no more inventory to keep up to the demand.  Let us know if there is anything we can help you with.  If you didn’t already know, you need to be ready with your financing so that you have the upper edge going into an offer.  If you need a mortgage broker email, Annie is one of the best to get you the mortgage you need.  Call or email us if you want more information on any of these listings or sales.


22 New Whistler Listings
21 Sales in Whistler
6 Price Reductions


2 New Pemberton Listings
5 Sales in Pemberton
No Price Changes

Have a great week!

Lynne and Tracey