Greetings from Whistler, 

Happy  July 4th to all you wonderful American people!  It is such a big celebration for you.  I was just in Roche Harbour, San Juan Island, Washington,  they are going to have a fantastic party there tonight. It is going to be a zoo there I’m sure.  It was fun to see all the decorations and feel the excitement, but honestly, I am much happier here in beautiful sunny Whistler today.

In the last week, we have 23 new listings and 14 sales.  The number of sales is down mostly due to the time of year,  the kids getting out of school, holidays starting and people just plain busy with the start of summer.  The inventory picked up slightly so there are a few more properties to look at but you can’t be too picky, if you see a property that is close to what you want, go for it, don’t wait!  Be ready to buy, get your financing set up and we will help you do the rest to write a great offer. Call us if you see a property that might be good for you


23 New Whistler Listings

14 Sales in Whistler

8 Price Changes


4 New Pemberton listings

4 Sales in Pemberton

1 Price Change


Lynne Venner & Tracey Cruz
Your Mother/Daughter Team