Greetings from Whistler,

The Resort was full of Tough Mudders’ last weekend, apparently another very successful event. If you feel you missed out on some fun, you can always sign up for Whistler’s Mudderella Sept. 24th 2016. This week I rode around town on the Heart and Stroke Big Bike raising money and awareness for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Many schools are out already so we are seeing an influx of summer visitors into the resort. It is nice to see the tourists with maps in hand finding their way through the Village and trails. Next week the sun is going to shine all week, come up and enjoy the mountains.

The market report hasn’t changed much, still hot! Many subject free, full price, or over list price offers this week. There are 30 new listings, but again I know there are about 10% with offers on them or they have been sold already. Pemberton has never been this tight for listings and demand for them is high. We are hearing that people who were going to buy in Squamish are now looking at Pemberton because the prices have gone too high in Squamish. We are fingers on our buzzers here, call us for the inside scoop!

30 New Whistler Listings
22 Whistler Sales
6 Price Changes

Pemberton Market
7 New Pemberton Listings
4 Pemberton Sales
1 Price Change

Have a great week!

Lynne and Tracey