Greetings from Whistler,

Happy Canada Day and 4th of July for our American friends! This long weekend and there is endless entertainment up here for you to enjoy.  Let the music echo in the mountains with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra playing from July 1-July 5th in the Whistler Olympic Plaza and the Town Plaza Gazebo.  Go to the website for times and locations.  This is one of the most enjoyed free entertainment you can imagine.

We have less that 1.94% properties available for sale, 244 today compared with 493 last year at this time. The Pemberton market is very much the same as Whistler, very few listings and lots of demand. There are currently 63 listings compared to 144 at this time last year! This is the absolute best time for sellers to sell, we don’t know how long this market will last, so if you want us to give you a market evaluation, just send us an email or call us.

YTD Sales 2016 Last Year (2015)
# $ Volume # $ Volume
Chalet 100   206,933,045.00 76   136,345,523.00
Condo 201     82,763,475.00 123     48,663,650.00
Townhouse 142   135,013,675.00 111     86,941,452.00
Shared 53        4,333,050.00 30        2,748,960.00
Vacant Land 37     48,073,000.00 15     19,396,200.00
533   477,116,245.00 355   294,095,785.00


Comparisons Listings (today)                                                      YEAR Ago(June)
    # #
Chalet      58 115
Condo      80 164
TH     62 118
Shared     31 44
Vacant Land     13 52
244 493

We are here this weekend, drop by our office to say hi if you have time, we would love to see you.


23 New Whistler Listings

21 Sales in Whistler

5 Price Changes


5 New Pemberton Listings

13 Sales in Pemberton

2 Price Changes


Lynne and Tracey