Greetings from Whistler,

Whistler and Pemberton are really enjoying some fabulous weather these days.  Summer is almost here.  The Golf Courses are in great condition and the patios are hosting many locals basking in the sunshine.  Summer is fabulous in Whistler, so many activities for everyone in the family.

There is a little change in the market this last week, 25 new listings and only 20 sales but the interesting thing is there are 10 price reductions.  I have not seen these many price reductions in a long time.  We will keep an eye on this because it’s  an indication from the buyers, that properties priced too high are not flying off the shelf right now.  Let us know if any of these new listings are of interest to you.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Whistler Market

25 New Whistler Listings

20 Sales in Whistler

10 Price Reductions

Pemberton Market

3 New Pemberton Listings

7 Sales in Pemberton

1 Price Reduction

Have a great week!

Lynne Venner & Tracey Cruz
Your Mother/Daughter Team