Greetings from Whistler,

We got a little bit of fresh snow yesterday and overnight, tempting many skiers to go up and catch a few runs before going to the office this morning. That was me, 8:15 on the lift, catching the fresh powder -it was like icing on a cake! Now that the days are longer, the mountains are open until 4:00 pm for skiing and riding.

A little interesting update from Statistics Canada 2016 Census for population in Whistler is the showing the local population percentage from 2011 to 2016 is up 21.4%!

Here is a snapshot of what happened in our market in the last week.  Steady sales, steady prices, not increasing, steady demand and the inventory is picking up.  The majority of the sales are occurring in the under a million bracket with a 1/3rd over the million mark.  The Phase 2 hotel type condos’ are really starting to sell again along with the ¼ share condos.  Phase 2’s are a great price and good for people who are happy with 56 days a year, or if 1 week/month is enough then be sure to ask about the ¼ share units.

Let us know what you need, we would love to help you find the right property to buy or help you sell!  We also have 2 new, great ski in ski out listings that would be perfect if you want to just “park it” and relax when you get to Whistler.
Call us for more details.

Whistler Market

23 New Whistler Listings
21 Sales in Whistler

6 Price Reductions

Pemberton Market

No New Listings
3  Sales in Pemberton

2 Price Reductions
Have a great week!

Lynne and Tracey