Coming up with a list of “must haves” for a new home can be a daunting task. Sometimes the line between wants and needs becomes a little blurry. As we get older our needs certainly change. What was a priority at 25 might not seem so important by 40. So we wondered – when it comes to the smallest members of the household, what would they consider as “must-haves”.

So we rounded-up some willing tykes and asked, “If you were shopping for a new home what important things would you need it to have?”

Here are a few of their responses:

“A tree house, a new doggie, a doghouse, a waterslide, a park, new toys, popcorn machine.” –Rilee age four

“A pool, big backyard, a big basement, a playground and a tree house.” –Declan age seven

“A big tv, a couch, of course a bathroom, two living rooms, an office, a fridge and two pantries. The other living room would have a fireplace, a swimming pool and hot tub. The house should also have a cabinet, a stove, a toaster, two basements and a roller coaster across the ceiling. Oh, and a slide instead of a banister.” – Aaliyah age seven

“A green house, a bathroom and a park.” – Aubrey age three

“TV, couches, tables, chairs and a car.” –Ryder age seven

“A toy house, toy car and everything!” – Flynn age five

“A truck and a train.” – Payson age two

“Popsicles, Mario, Mommy and Daddy.” – Cash age three

“Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and family room and a office.” – Ethan age twelve

“Hot tub, chandeliers, big table, lots of chairs, fancy clock, stove, one hundred money, trampoline, rollercoaster in the backyard, chef, big screen TV and comfy couches that heat your butt up.” – Maddie age seven

Wouldn’t it be fun to check out a home designed by a child? The responses collected were pretty comical, but there is something we can learn from their innocent and creative minds. For the most part, all the things they wished for were for fun family entertainment, or they were very practical. Imagine how much fun a house would be with a rollercoaster, a pool, a park, and lots of relaxing/playing areas. Your basic need for food would be met by your chef who has a kitchen stocked with a fridge, a stove and a toaster. You will “of course” have a bathroom and shelter provided by the rollercoaster roof. You’ll also have the luxury of couches to sleep on.

Kids aren’t concerned with granite countertops. They care about memories and experiences. Not to say that you’re child should have the final say on your new home, but there is something about their fresh view on life that adds valuable insight into what you should be looking for in a new home.