Greetings from Whistler and Pemberton,

The beautiful spring sunny days we have had in the last week have been a mood booster for many people that are tired of the Covid 19  restrictions.  Take yourself out for a walk in the trails, just one hour in the beautiful forest or along the Valley Trail will go a long way in lifting your spirits.  It feels like it has been a long 13 months of dealing with Covid Restrictions, but as we are getting more and more people vaccinated we are on the way to more freedom we hope.

The Real Estate Market for Whistler and Pemberton is still Red Hot!  You will notice the volume of sales is going down, this is due to low inventory.  There is still pent-up demand from buyers who are waiting to find a new home in Whistler or Pemberton.  The driver behind these hot markets is still that people want to spend more time in Whistler and Pemberton where there is more space and clean air,  they want out of the city and the interest rates are still low although there are rumblings of change.  The Pemberton market is seeing a lot of activity in the new Sunstone development with the vacant lots and the duplexes all coming on and selling in phases. It is a gorgeous area with incredible views and SUN.  If you are thinking of making a move, let us know, we will gladly do a market evaluation for you, there is no cost to you.  Now that it’s spring, It’s a good time to make decisions about buying or selling and what are the advantages for you and we can walk you thru this process. These are the highest prices we have seen, it may be the right time for you to make that move you have been thinking about.  We would love to help you, and as you can see we need more listings for Whistler and Pemberton. We are here to help and are just a phone call or an email away!

Whistler Market 
21 New Whistler Listings
17 Sales in Whistler
No Price Adjustments for Whistler

Pemberton Market
14 New Pemberton Listings 
18 Sales in Pemberton
No Price Adjustments in Pemberton

Stay well,

Lynne and Tracey
Your Mother/Daughter Team

Note: All statistical information provided from sources deemed to be reliable. Information provided is based on data collected from Whistler Listing Service WLS and MLS.