Greetings from Whistler & Pemberton,

Happy New Year!  Here we are, the first few days of 2021 and how are we doing?  Whistler and Pemberton are still doing well.  We had the pleasure of going to Vallea Lumina at Cougar Mountain on Boxing Day for my birthday, I highly recommend it if you have the opportunity, it is beautiful and a great family event. Skiing and Boarding have been amazing!

The real estate market has continued to be strong, with lots of demand through the holiday season.  The stats are quite amazing, we thought you would be interested.  We would love to give you a more personalized market update if you are looking to buy or sell in Whistler or Pemberton.  Just email or give us a call.

2020 Single Family homes: 147 sales, median price $2,700,000, up 60% in volume , compared with 2019, 92 sales ,median price $2,205,000 up 22% in price.

2020 Condos: 194 sales median price $675,000 down 10% in volume compared with 2019, 216 sales median price $580,000 up 16% in price.

2020 Duplexes: 20 sales, median price $1,776,250 up 53% in volume , compared with 2019, 13 sales median price $1,550,000 up 15%

2020 Townhouse: 251 sales, median price $1,240,000 up 47% in volume, compared with 2019, 170 sales median price $1,179,000 up 5% in price.

Vacant Land: 16 sales, median price $1,750,000 up 60% in volume compared to 2019, 10 sales, median price $736,700 up 137% in price.

Shared Ownership: 88 sales, median price $187,500 up 72% in volume, compared to 2019 51 sales, median price $176,000 up 6.5% in price.

The numbers for the past 7 days are below.
Whistler Listings
16 New Whistler Listings
10 Sales in Whistler
4 Price Changes

Pemberton Listings
3 New Pemberton Listings
1 Sales in Pemberton
No Price Changes

Wishing you and your families all the best in 2021.

Lynne and Tracey
Your Mother/Daughter TeamNote: All statistical information provided from sources deemed to be reliable. Information provided is based on data collected from Whistler Listing Service WLS and MLS.