Happy St. Patrick’s Day!   It’s Spring Break for many school kids, the break is about 2 weeks long this year. Most kids don’t go back until April 5th giving you lots of time to come to Whistler for a super ski holiday.  We have lots of snow up here still. We were up for family day ski day on Blackcomb yesterday in the sunshine, it was just stunning, we hope you are enjoying some gorgeous weather too.

We are seeing a few more listings coming on as we predicted, however, most of them have an offer on them by the time they reach the public.  It is pretty tough for buyers,  we understand and do our best to get the word out there to you asap via auto email or our phone calls.  Tracey and are working hard to get the hot new listings out to you as soon as we hear about them. The prices are steadily climbing but we have been able to get some great buys and sales for our clients.  Let us know if you are coming up, drop in for a chat or we can go out and see what is  available.  Have a great week.

31 New  Whistler Listings
24 Whistler Sales
3  Price Changes

7 New Pemberton listings
4 Pemberton Sales
1 Price Change

Lynne and Tracey