Greetings from Whistler and Pemberton,

The bike park is now closed and we are officially into the “pray for snow season”.  Today the mountains had a dusting of snow which looked gorgeous against the sunny blue skies.  Looks like we have few more days of sunshine coming our way which we will enjoy.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Whistler and Pemberton were full to the brim with shoppers taking advantage of the 50% off sales.  My family certainly did well there! Tracey and I enjoyed a fabulous dinner in Squamish at my youngest daughters and a walk along the river.

Whistler and Pemberton have got some serious shortages in inventory.  You can see from this market update and the last few, there are more sales than listings.  It is disappointing for buyers not to be able to have many choices and it makes it hard for the realtors trying to find the right property for our clients.  If you are not finding what you want, we may need to change your line of thinking, broaden your criteria or change it from a single family home to a townhouse or a townhouse to a condo. Last week we had some clients who were set on a townhouse but fell in love with a beautiful condo – you never know! We can help you with any of these ideas, it is a challenge and we want to help you find the right place.

13 New Whistler Listings
19 Sales in Whistler
6 Price Reductions

Pemberton Market:
4 New listings
5 Sales 
4 Price Reductions:
Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

We hope you enjoy this week’s Whistler and Pemberton Market Update.

Lynne and Tracey