Whistler is known for its athletic community and sports related achievements. How could it not be with a world class ski resort in everyone’s back yard? Many children end up competing at a high level in sports and it is often assumed that is a valued attribute in Whistler’s youth. In truth, there is also a high regard for education and academic excellence. To further add to the educational options in Whistler,  a Waldorf education program was established. Just what is the Waldorf approach and how would it benefit your child living in Whistler?

The Waldorf approach was founded in the early 20th century, based on the teachings and principles of renowed artist and scientist Rudolf Steiner. The premise of this educational approach revolves around an understanding of child development. Through integrating music, dance, theater, writing and literature into everyday experience, a Waldorf educated child has the ability to integrate thinking, assimilate information, advanced creative thought process and a willingness to take intellectual risks. This may sound similar to a Montessori, however, they both only share in common the goal of bringing developmentally appropriate education to children of all ages. The philosophies remain very different.

The Whistler Waldorf School is located in Spruce Grove and is an independent school within the BC Ministry of Education. The school was launched in 2000 through the efforts of three local families. It offers a rich academic experience with an objective of teaching students to learn from an early age how to engage in their own learning process. With this information, students will be able to reach their full potential not only academically but as people and members of society.

All part of the Sea to Sky School District Number 48, the Whistler Waldorf School joins Spring Creek Elementary, Myrtle Phillips Elementary, Whistler Secondary School and a french immersion school, Ecole La Passerale, in providing education to Whistler’s children. Despite the district offering conventional and alternative academic options, the overall objective remains the same: the success of all students. This is manifested through high expectations for excellence across the curriculum in academics, athletics, fine arts and career programs. Moreover, the school district fosters ties to the community; thus, further adding to the support network available to your child and family.

There is such a diverse and excellent education system available in Whistler, making it a great place for your child to start or continue their schooling. And now you can add education to the list of wonderful and family-friendly qualities that this mountain community possesses. Ready to take the next step in finding a home here in Whistler and creating your dream life? Contact us today to begin the search for your family’s new home!