Let’s face it, anywhere in Whistler is a good place to raise a family. Mountain air, forests and endless activities makes for a busy family life, a healthy environment and a grounded community. Even though there you can make roots anywhere in this town, there are a few neighbourhoods that cater a bit more to raising young ones.

Cheakamus Crossing

Established in 2010 and the original home to the Olympic and ParaOlympic athletes village, Cheakamus Crossing is a fully contained resident community. Located near Spring Creek Community school as well as hiking and bike trails alike, there is an ability to have your children play in the woods and walk to school. Sustainability was kept in mind through out the planning and development of this area, making it at one with it’s surroundings. Also in the area is a high performance training facility for budding athletes.

Whistler Cay

Chalets to single family homes fill this area. With Myrtle Phillip school located right in the neighbourhood and lot’s of cul-de-sacs for improvised street hockey games, Whistler Cay has become a very family oriented neighbourhood. The area hosts an annual Halloween extravangaza, recruiting whole blocks to participate and even has a fire work show! As an added bonus, your very close to the village!


This neighbourhood sits below many bike trails and the community sports centre, Meadow Park is located right next door. The light traffic makes it ideal for letting the kids play in the vast yards that often accompany the lots in this zone. There is also a cafe and convenience store at the entrance, acting as a great place to catch a moment or to meet friends! As an added benefit, Whistler’s high school is just down the road.


A newly developed neighbourhood that is soon to be home to a grocery store and gas station. A safe and family friendly atmosphere was kept in mind when planning Rainbow. If you are an owner in this area, you even have access to a pool and hot tub, something the kids will love!

While all of Whistler harbours the same safe, fun-filled and community orientated atmosphere, these few neighbourhoods have some special qualities that might make your decision to make Whistler home for your family, a bit easier. Let’s talk about making your dream life!