Looking to buy real estate in the Whistler/Pemberton area? Canada has no restrictions to foreign ownership. In fact, Whistler is all about a diverse mix of owners from all parts of the world. Lynne has clients from all over the world including United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia – she welcomes your interest and hopes that she can assist you in becoming a non-resident owner in Whistler!

There are many unknowns when investing in a foreign country, and the tax laws that relate to each of us are one of those things. Any information relating to non-resident tax implications can be obtained by contacting Theresa Walterhouse of BDO Dunwoody Chartered Accountants. Theresa and her staff will be able to explain this process to you. Click here for her company’s web site for more information.

In regards to mortgages, a foreign bank cannot register a mortgage in Canada. Non-resident investors in Canada are required to have an equity position of 25% – 30% depending on the type of property you wish to purchase. Annie from Garibaldi Morgage can help you with your mortgage needs. Click here for her company’s web site for more information.

Please click here for the different property types in the Whistler/Pemberton area, and an explanation of Tourism Whistler fees.