Summer is officially here and so is the warmer weather. Cooling off as the temperatures soar can quickly become a priority. Don’t be caught gazing longingly at your neighbours pool. There are a number of other (and inexpensive) alternatives that can help you and your family beat the summer heat. Here are a few ideas!

The Lake

Whistler has quite a few lakes that can quickly become your family’s local swimming hole. Visit Alta, Nita, Green or Logger’s Lake to cool off. Since many of them are located right in town, you won’t have to travel far. What’s more, many of these lakes have beaches to lounge or enjoy other outdoor activities on.

A Misting System

Not wanting to leave the comfort of your patio to cool down? Try decking it out in a misting system. Be careful, you may find yourself spending more time than expected in the lounge chair with this summer salvation in place.

A Stock Tank

This above ground tank might have been intended for livestock but it is quickly gaining headway as a trendy alternative to a swimming pool. A stock tank pool can be installed in your backyard in less than a day and for less than $500.

A DIY Slip ‘n’ Slide

Don’t worry about purchasing a slip ‘n’ slide from the store, a DIY one will work just as well and can be a great project for the family. All you will need is a hose, a tarp, some pool noodles (for bumpers) some stakes to hold the tarp into the ground and dish soap!

The Water Park

If you have young children, there is a fun water park and children’s play area located at Meadow Park, a short distance form the Meadow Park Sports Complex. Here, you will also find sports fields, picnic table and a playground.

Water Balloons

A good ol’ fashion water balloon fight is a sure fire way to cool off and have a good time while your at it. It will also keep the kids busy for hours. Buy a pack of 100 or so water balloons, fill them up with water and place them in an enclosed space such as a kiddy pool or bucket, then let the fun begin!

Outdoor Shower

Find serenity and cooler temperatures in an outdoor shower. Contrary to popular belief, an outdoor shower system can be inexpensive to install as many of them do not require an elaborate pipe system to be in place. In addition, this alternative can leave your refreshed in half the time and can also be a great way to clean off after a day of muddy biking!

Don’t let the soaring summer temperatures hamper your Whistler fun, just look at alternative ways to beat the heat. For any other insiders tips on living in Whistler, contact Lynne or Tracey, the dynamic duo who are professional, compassionate and committed to giving their clients award winning service above and beyond their expectations!