Whistler is home to a number of different housing types and with them come various rules, regulations and ownership. Whether you are a first time buyer, international buyer or long-time resident of the community looking for a new property purchase, wrapping your head around all the different types of properties can be daunting. Here is the most common housing types that occur in Whistler:


A chalet is basically a free standing home but it often situates in a mountainous, recreational area. Many chalets in Whistler, if its zoning and bylaws permit, are eligible to be rental properties. Often chalets not are considered full time living spaces, however, this is not always the case.


A condominium refers to when you own the unit but not the land or common space that the unit occupies. There is a great number of condos in Whistler that can be owned solely or shared ownership. Many condos are located within hotels and come with amenities such as a hot tub or pool on the grounds.


A townhouse consists of an independent entrance but shares a continuous roof and foundation with neighboring structures. Whistler has many townhouses and many of them are eligible as rental or shared ownership property. The size is often larger than a condo, making them desirable for families.

Detached House

Otherwise known as a single family dwelling, these structures are often built on land larger than the structure itself. In Whistler, that often means having your own personal forest. Many of the single family dwellings in Whistler have rental capability and it is possible to obtain jurisdiction to have a suite on the property as well.

Semi-Detached House

A semi-detached house is single family dwelling house built as one of a pair. They are not as common in Whistler but when they do appear on the market, they are generally very desirable if sold as a set since they have the ability to generate rental revenue.

With all the housing types in Whistler, there is a lot of opportunity to find the best property for your needs. We have a number of listings that fit all these definitions, let’s starting looking for your dream home today!