Growing up in Whistler doesn’t provide your run of the mill childhood. Kids that are raised in this mountain town have access to a number of resources that in turn cultivate unique and wonderful people! Many parents along with the municipality have worked hard to create an optimal family environment in the community surrounding the resort. From schools to activities, we go through why growing up in Whistler is the way to go!


It may seem a lot bigger but Whistler actually has a small local community that is incredibly tight-knit and supportive. Many of the children grow up together, transition from grade school to high school together and experience milestones like the first day of ski school together. The inclusiveness and acceptance this model nurtures can be seen in the lifelong friendships formed.


In addition to all the regular activities available in most communities like soccer, hockey, and dance, kids in Whistler also ski, golf, and bike- to just a name a few! The high caliber and organization of the sports in Whistler has been known to turn out exceptional athletes and it is not unusual to see high-level competitors and even Olympians in your child’s peer group. The activites are not limited to sports, there is also a thriving arts community which includes classes and festivals.

Positive Influence And Mentors

Athletes, professionals, academics- Whistler is loaded with people excelling! Don’t be surprised if you pick one of the kids up from ski school and hear all about how they got to ski with their idol or share the chair lift with them.


Whistler boasts a number of schools that offer diverse options for education. There is french emersion, the Waldorf school and options for exchanges to other countries. In addition to being able to choose your child’s academic program, there are top notch teachers coming from all over the world with broad skill sets. The small community and school setting also add to the benefits of having your child receive their education in Whistler.


Step outside the house and there are mountains, forests, and unlimited wilderness to act as your child’s playground. Many Whistler kids grow up outside and have adopted a healthy lifestyle from an early age. With so much to do outdoors, there are plenty of constructive activities to keep your child busy!


Whistler has a number of resources that have been put in place by the community to help nurture children and adults alike. Healthcare, after school care, and support all have been made available to the public at little to no cost.

Whistler has laid the groundwork through activities, schools, and resources that encourage children to thrive. If you choose to raise your child in Whistler, they will have access to more than a world-class ski resort. Many children grown up with exemplary skills sets, formed only by a youth spent in the mountains. Do you want your child to grow up Whistler? The first step is finding your dream home!