Living in Whistler is somewhat surreal. We wake up to mountain sunrises; our days are filled with fresh air and outdoor activities and our evenings end with alpenglow vista views. Believe it or not, it’s easy to get used to this lifestyle. It’s fun to reflect on where you live and what you love about it. We checked in with some long time locals to hear what the locals love about Whistler.


“I love the fact that everyone is here for a reason. A passion that needs to be explored. It’s addictive really, creating this sense of belonging that we all share and identify in one another.” – Heather


“Being surrounded by outdoor activity, the hustle and bustle to enjoy being in nature rather than stuck in rush hour.” – Jesse


“I love that everyone here is down to earth.” – Graeme


“I love the mountain air, being on top of Blackcomb in the winter is my favorite. I also love how everyone here is into the mountain culture. It’s easy to make friends when you share a common passion.” – Tyler


“I love the amount of outdoor actives Whistler has to offer all in one place; winter or summer. My favorite would have to be snowboarding the two amazing mountains at my doorstep!” – Chloe


“All of it. Stepping outside every morning to crisp mountain air. I especially love the ability to sit tranquilly in the forest after a mountain rush on my skis or on my bike.” – Joan


“Simply put, the community. The whole outdoor driven community is just lovely.” – Jenn


“Whistler is addicting. I came out here once and I’ve never gone home. That was six years ago.” – Sean


“It is impossible to be board at any age or during any season. There are always a million things to do, see and experience. I will never get sick of exploring my backyard.” – Cammie


“Summers. Lake days. Sunshine and friends.” – Brittany


“I love how active the community is here. The events, the festivals and the over all fun vibe. People are light hearted and love to engage and be involved. Whether you share the same hobbies or the same postal code, everyone wants to be friends.” – Greta


Clearly, we are lucky to call Whistler home and reflecting on what we love most about whistler creates a renewed appreciation for the beautiful setting we live in. If you call Whistler home, we’d love to hear what you love about this place! We hope that those visiting and living here alike can sense the incredible community Whistler has and experience some mountain filled activities!