Moving Day has arrived. Among all the chaos surrounding packing and moving a household, you have kids to worry about. Aside from the challenges of leaving a familiar neighborhood and home, the very day can be extremely hard on your children- Boxes of belongings being carried off, unfamiliar faces and parents that are very distracted. You have prepared them for the transition but how do you tackle the actual day? Here are 5 ways to make your kids moving day a smooth, fun and memorable one!

  1. Color code- Have your child color code the boxes for each room. This will be a big help for the movers and for unpacking. It will also keep your child busy while you sign papers and finish last minute packing
  2. Babysitter- If your children are young, you may opt to remove them from the day’s equation entirely by hiring a babysitter or seeking help from relatives.
  3. Take pictures- While you are busy, let your child take pictures of the old home and neighborhood. This will help them create lasting memories.
  4. Assign them to care for a pet- Making your child primary caregiver of a pet during the move will help both parties. It will make your child feel that they are important in the move and ensure your pet is well looked after.
  5. Box fort- As you move in and end up with a bunch of empty boxes, involve your kids in building a box fort. The giggles will fill the new house and you will more or less, enjoy the break and fun!

Moving day doesn’t have to be traumatic, it can be a chance to encourage independence, involvement and create bonds as a family. Just remember to keep your kids involved as much as possible and these tips should make for a fun, enjoyable day as well as a great start to your dream life in your new home!