Fall’s favourite and tastiest holiday is upon us: Thanksgiving. It is the time when friends and family come together over good food. Perhaps this year, they will be giving thanks at your new home. The first holiday in a new home can be particularly special as you settle in and establish new traditions. In a new home, things can feel a little different than in the past but with these tips for hosting Thanksgiving, you will have it feeling like home sweet home in no time!


Make your home feel festive by decorating for the season. This is also an opportunity to put up old decorations which can add a sense of familiarity to a new space. Be sure to include decor that can be carried right through Halloween and into Christmas to minimize the amount of time allocated to taking it down and putting it up.


Gather up the kids and craft! This is a sure fire way to make a new home feel like ‘your’ home and get excited about the upcoming season. Select crafts that can be used inside and outside to carry the colours of the season throughout the house.

Start New Traditions!

Part of setting up a new home is creating new routines and new traditions. It can also be the most daunting part. The best way to go about this is to simply, embrace the new. Try looking at it as a great time to try the things you’ve always wanted. Nonetheless, maintaining some old traditions that fit with the new home can help with the transition.

Stock Up!

In the midst of unpacking, some of the essentials can either get misplaced or completely forgotten. By essentials, we mean paper towel, dish soap, spices, and other things that you will need for preparing your Thanksgiving feast. Stock up as part of your preparation.

Ask For Help

If you haven’t had time to settle in to your new surroundings, ask your family for help. This can be a hand in preparing the meal or even bringing a dish. Spreading the load will ensure that you enjoy the holiday as much as everyone else!

Visit Local Grocery Stores!

Now that you have a purpose, spend more time than usual at the local grocer. Hunt out some of your favourites or find some new additions to your regular Thanksgiving menu. Don’t be afraid to ask where the locals are buying their turkeys, squashes and vegetables. If you are in Whistler or Pemberton, many of the locals shop directly from the surrounding farms.

If you moved into a new home this summer, chances are you will be celebrating your first Thanksgiving in it. If you’re not yet in your new home, we can help you find one for the next holiday. Contact Lynne Venner and Tracey Cruz to start living your dream life in Whistler