Greetings from Whistler and Pemberton,

Spring is here yet things just don’t seem right in Whistler Village without all of the people. We are all missing the amazing Whistler vibe, the energy and laughter of people on our patios, the shoppers strolling in and out of the shops and the kids running around while the parents enjoy a relaxing coffee. With the province’s vaccination campaign rolling along we are hopeful and really looking forward to welcoming you back in our little communities soon!

We are starting to sound a bit like a broken record…week after week, this market continues to amaze us! Just over 1 year ago we were at a near standstill and yet now we are seeing a record year for sales.  To the dismay of buyers, this robust sellers’ market still has plenty of steam left in it.  What continues to drive the market is the record low interest rates, increased household savings and a focus on living space indoors and out.

This is prime time for sellers and opportunities are available for buyers to make a move. If you are thinking of buying or selling anytime soon, connect with us today so we can provide you the you best service for your specific segment of the market. We are just a phone call away!

Whistler Market
25 New Whistler Listings
15 Sales in Whistler
7 Price Adjustments in Whistler

Pemberton Market
5 New Pemberton Listings
4 Sales in Pemberton
2 Price Adjustments in Pemberton

Stay well,

Lynne and Tracey
Your Mother/Daughter Team

Note: All statistical information provided from sources deemed to be reliable. Information provided is based on data collected from Whistler Listing Service WLS and MLS.