Moving to a new town usually goes hand in hand with your child starting at a new school. This can be both an exciting and frightening time for all parties involved. It inevitably means finding new friends, navigating a new campus and establishing a new routine. All of which can harbour some uncomfortable feelings. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do as a parent to help ease your child into their new surroundings. Here are a few tips to help your child change schools.

Visit the School

Prior to the school year starting, take your child to visit the building. This can be when you register them or a special trip. Doing so will help to acquaint them with the layout, the smells, the sights, and perhaps, even some of the faculty. It can also give them an idea of how the establishment operates.

  • For younger children, take them to play on the school playground to bond and feel comfortable with their new school.

Make the first day count

The first day can be the most traumatic so it is imperative to ensure that everything within your control goes smoothly:

  • Ask your child to pack their backpack the night before.
  • Allow for your child to take their cellphone to school. This can help them feel more comfortable through enabling a line of communication. It can also help them plan to meet people they know for breaks so they are not alone.
  • Don’t be late. This can make the situation even more uncomfortable.

Maintain Communication With Old Friends

Making friends and fitting in with an existing an peer group can be one of the most challenging parts of changing schools. It is not something that can be forced and often takes time. During this challenging period, allow your child to communicate with their old friends at their previous school. This can be a phone call or even a text.

  • Plan for weekend playdates with old friends if possible.

Go Back To School Shopping

Letting your child choose their own school supplies is a great way to encourage excitement surrounding the start of school. Additionally, it is helpful to pay attention to what the local children are wearing and allowing your child to purchase a few key items that will help them fit in.

  • Have the new supplies and clothes laid out for the first day.

Changing schools can be a hard transition so expect your child to experience a number of emotions throughout the first few weeks of the academic year. In addition to these tips, it is important to be there for your child as they settle in. Lynne and Tracey know that family matters. Contact them today if buying or selling in Whistler is something you and your family are looking to do.