Although there are plenty of activities to keep your kids occupied throughout the summer months, by the middle of summer, your go-to ways of entertaining your little ones may have begun to lose their effect. Art around the house never fails as an activity, is fun for everyone and can create lasting memories. Using household goods or things your find in nature, get creative with these great summer kid friendly DIY projects!

Finger Paint

A great engaging activity for kids is to paint using their hands. Simply mix together cornstarch, salt, sugar, water, and food colouring to create your own inexpensive concoction. Store in an airtight container for multi-use!

Balloon Dart Painting

Looking for a little more of a dynamic art activity? Make a splatter painting using balloons and plastic darts. You will also need a balloon pump, washable paint, thumb tacks, and a canvas. Place the mouth of the balloon over your paint container and squirt a small amount of paint, blow up the balloon then tack the tied end to the canvas. Next step is target practice!


Ooey gooey is a kid’s favourite texture so this slime will surely be a hit. Pour two full five ounce bottles of clear glue into a bowl.  Add liquid starch and stir well until the slime is no longer sticky/stringy/sticking to the sides of the bowl. Add rubber balls, pompoms or other bits for a unique slime.

Bookcase DollHouse

Let your imagination run wild by turning a bookcase into a dollhouse using little more than some wrapping paper and cardboard. Just apply the paper to the walls for wallpaper with double-sided tape and cut decorative elements like furniture, rugs, doors, and pictures out of the cardboard.

Tire Swing

Providing there is a tree built for a tire swing, gather together some simple hardware, a rope or chain, and a tire that needs recycling.

Recycled Bottle Bowling

Have a lawn bowling tournament with some leftover soda bottles, an old tennis ball and acrylic paint. Paint up the pins how ever you would like then see who can get a strike!

Wind Chimes

Go on a nature walk and collect small pieces of wood and other trinkets. Paint them, then string them together with fishing line and wool. Hang on your porch or patio for daily music.

Handmade Beads

Make necklaces and bracelets with your own hand-made beads. Using a mixture of white bread, glue, and lemon juice to create a perfect clay that can formed into shapes and then be painted once dried! Great for every age group and as a gift idea too!


Using corks and sponges to create various shapes that can be dipped into paint and stamped on to just about anything you will let it be stamped on!

Let your kid’s imagination run wild with all these great art-filled activities that you can do around the house. Your children will be busy and you will be left with lasting art that can be hung, played with or given as a gift. These activities that you can do around your home can be part of your dream life and we can help you find that perfect property that will be the base for all this DIY fun!