So you’ve decided that Whistler is going to be the location of your new home. You’ve researched neighborhoods, visited many times and even joined the community’s Facebook groups. No matter how much you look to find out about a place, there are always a few things that just can’t be known until you actually experience calling it home. Since we have been long-time locals for over 19 years, we will let you in on a few things you should know before moving to Whistler!

The Mountains Will Feel Like Your Backyard

Before you know it, you will know every inch of the resort and the forests below. If someone asks you where your favorite run is, you will be able to provide a longwinded route that might or might be on the maps. We aren’t sure how it happens but a sense of pride about living and playing here will fill your heart. Maybe it’s the “Magic of Whistler?”

It’s A Small Community

Whistler is home to around 10, 000 permanent residents, making it a smaller community than you may have previously thought. This will make grocery store trips impossible to do quickly because, at one point for certain, you will know absolutely everyone who is also doing their shopping. You can also expect your kids to have a similar set of class mates year after year in elementary school and then all end up together at the only high school.

There Are Educational Options For Your Children

Depsite being a small town, there are a number of educational options for your children so they can excel academically. You will find french immersian and the Waldorf methadology available at a few of Whistler’s schools.

And Sports Options Too!

There are many high level sports programs that are available to children, adolescents, young adults and adults in Whistler. Soccer, hockey, skiing, and mountain biking are just to name a few. If you are looking for a place to live that can also provide immense opportunities to pursue excellence in sports, Whistler is just the place!

Your Daily Commute

Imagine the furthest you could possible have to drive to work is just 20 minutes away from home (most of the time it’s even shorter!). This is a very real possibility living in Whistler. If driving isn’t something you want to do at all, all of Whistler is connected by a paved trail called the Valley Trail. This makes many residents choose biking or walking to work part of their daily lives.

The Term “Local” Is A Badge Of Honor

Becoming a local resident is something to be proud of. Living in this beautoful place and having access to world class skiing, biking and dining is highly sought after. Therefore, us locals wear our status as a resident of Whistler with pride and inturn, a passion and love for the town we call home is created.

Ready to gain your own status as a resident or local of Whistler? Contact Lynne or Tracey today to begin your dream home journey!