Greetings from Whistler and Pemberton,

We are all in this together, although times are challenging we are urging you to follow the rules.  For the local people here, we are all trying to help each other, keep our restaurants going, order take out, or sit on the patio.  We don’t want our beautiful resort or Pemberton to suffer any more cases of Covid than we already have.  We know there are cases in ICU, people are fighting for their lives.  Help by keeping your bubbles small, sanitize, and wear your masks if you are out and about.

The market is screaming hot and we are all doing our best to help our clients find a great home in Whistler.  Working with a local realtor we have the best local knowledge and advice. The key is to be prepared by having your financing in order, and be educated by your realtor on the property you want to buy.  We have not been in a market like this in the 28 years we have been working with buyers and sellers.  We want the best for you! Call us if we can help you as a buyer or a seller.  We want to make your dreams a reality. Let us know what your dreams are and we will help you experience the magic of Whistler and Pemberton. We hope you enjoy our first-quarter market recap for Whistler and Pemberton below!

This weeks number are here:

Whistler Market

28 New Whistler Listings
18 sales in Whistler
5 Price Adjustments in Whistler

Pemberton Market
6 New Listings in Pemberton
9 Pemberton Sales
4 Price Adjustments in Pemberton

Stay safe and let us know if we can help!
Lynne and Tracey
Your Mother/Daughter Team


Note: All statistical information provided from sources deemed to be reliable. Information provided is based on data collected from Whistler Listing Service WLS and MLS.