Greetings from Whistler and Pemberton,

We are enjoying the last days of September, and the leaves are brilliant red and yellow, officially into fall.  While golfing in the late afternoon at Nicklaus North Golf course last night we ran into 2 big black bears happily munching down the grass on the 14th hole.  We stopped and watched for awhile, it was a beautiful sight – nature at it’s best!

What can we say about the Whistler and Pemberton market… there is no change really.  Low inventory is our same old story.   Our advice to buyers is to be ready to buy and be pre-approved if you are getting a mortgage.  Make sure your ducks are lined up because when you see a home or condo that you like, you will have to act quickly.  We are selling more than we are listing these days so it makes it hard for the buyers to find the right property.  If you are thinking of selling, let us know and we can give you a market evaluation right away.  It may be better than you think.

18 New Whistler Listings
22 Whistler Sales
6 Price Reductions


6 New Pemberton Listings

5 Sales in Pemberton
2 Price Reductions:
Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Lynne and Tracey