When selling your home comes to mind, many consider the warmer months to be the best time to list. The weather, holiday schedule and curb appeal make it difficult to think otherwise. But as the season starts to change, the real estate market can change too and this can be in your favour. Statistics have shown that the autumn market can be desirable for both buyers and sellers. And so,  before it’s too late, we’ve dispelled 5 myths about fall real estate so you can capitalize when it counts.

MYTH #1: “The weather makes curb appeal unnecessary.”

No! The arrival of autumn brings just as many colours as spring. Embrace the warm hues of falling leaves and seasonal flowering plants that can make the outside of your home look both beautiful and inviting. What’s more, many prospective buyers will be spending more time inside due to the colder temperatures so focus only some of your energy on the outside and the rest on the inside.

MYTH #2: “No one buys a home in fall.”

Real estate is bought and sold 365 days of the year. While spring might be the most appealing time to list, if the proper steps are taken, fall can be just as good! Have your real estate agent analyze the market for the best listing price, perform a thorough clean, decorate for the season, and ensure the exterior of your home is good shape to name just a few of the ways to take advantage of the season!

MYTH #3: “I’ll have to move when it’s raining.”

Not necessarily. Yes, fall statistically has more rain than summer but there are also those crisp fall days that can make for some of the best conditions to move in. Just think about how hard it would be to move a household in in the peak temperatures of July or August. Now, how appealing does autumn look right now?

MYTH #4: “I’ll have to list my home for less.”

This is where your real estate agent comes in. They will review the current local market and help you price your home accordingly. Each region is different and your agent will know what type of market your area is experiencing and what it traditionally experiences seasonly. Working with a professional will help you ensure your home is priced correctly for the fall market.

MYTH #5: “Time won’t be on my side.”

Listing in the fall can work in both buyers and sellers favours depending on the current market. For sellers, there may not be the inventory for buyers to choose from; Therefore, you could be left in the spot light. For buyers, there is the chance the seller is looking to sell before the snow falls, providing the opportunity for negotiations.

If you are choosing to buy or sell a home during fall in Whistler, speak to experienced real estate agents Lynne Venner and Tracey Cruz. Then, get ready to make the most of the season!