Are you considering moving to Whistler or recently bought a new home? If you have a young family then I am sure you are busy researching schools and getting all of the supplies ready before September comes along. You may have questions like, “Where is the closest school to my home?”, “Which schools offer French immersion?”, or “Are there schools that offer an alternative curriculum?” Well look no further because your questions are about to be answered! Here is a guide to schools in Whistler to assist you in making the right decisions for your family.

Choosing the right school in Whistler

Myrtle Phillip Community School

Myrtle Phillip Community School is an Elementary School K-7 and has approximately 270 students with a capacity for 330. It is located on Lorimer Road across the highway from Whistler Village and is a community hub for extra-curricular activities and events throughout the year. The school has been around since 1967 and has been in its current location since 1992. Myrtle Philip Community School prides itself in providing a safe and respectful learning environment for your children with a mission of ‘Building a Community of Engaged Learners’.

Ecole Spring Creek Community School

Spring Creek Community School is an Elementary School K-7 and has approximately 260 students with a capacity for 430. Spring Creek Community School was built in 2004 to accommodate the growing number of young families in Whistler. The school offers a popular French immersion program for children grades 5-7. Spring Creek Community School has wonderful facilities including a double gym, multi-purpose room, library, kitchen and up-to-date computer lab. The school’s mission is to, ‘provide a safe, caring and positive learning environment that accepts diversity, promotes academic success and encourages social responsibility of all citizens.’

Ecole La Passerelle

Ecole La Passerelle is a school for francophone students and runs programs for children K-7. There are approximately 70 students that attend this school and it is located on Spring Creek Road. Ecole La Passerelle follows a code of fundamental values: Respect, Responsibility, Empathy and Honesty.

Whistler Waldorf School

Whistler Waldorf School is an independent school and does not receive funding from the BC Government. This school teaches an alternative curriculum where students are encouraged from an early age to engage with their own learning process. Whistler Waldorf School has pre-school programs starting at age 3, a grade school program for grades 1 thru 7 and a high school program (grade 8-12). The school also offers a boarding program for high-school students. Whistler Waldorf has a mission to, ‘educate each child with reverence and respect; to nurture wonder, confidence and initiative so they may participate in the world guided by a sense of truth and responsibility.’

Whistler Secondary School

Whistler Secondary School (WSS) is the only high school in Whistler for grade 8-12 and has an enrollment of approximately 400 students. In addition to a great academic curriculum WSS offers self-directed after-school activities such as sport, choir, musical theatre and dance. The school promotes global stewardship and citizenship by sponsoring a student leadership program, runs an extensive recycling program and offers a nutritious hot lunch program. Whistler Secondary School has a mission to, ‘provide an environment that enables students to realize their potential, to recognise their unique value as human beings and to become productive, responsible citizens.’

Whistler is a desirable place to raise a family due to its pristine natural environment, range of outdoor activities on offer, proximity to Vancouver and close knit community. If you and your family are considering a move to Whistler be sure to contact Lynne Venner. Lynne has schooled 4 children in Whistler and now has 10 grand-children in the Sea to Sky Corridor so no one knows Whistler for families like Lynne does!